Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday!

My name is Jamie and I have project ADHD.

This new year I started by looking for things to do through out the year. As I was assessing the lay of the land I could see:

- the yarn in the bag that was bought to make a sweater
- my daughter's clothes in my craftroom closet - moved with the intension of putting a closet organizer in her room
- the boxed closet organizer waiting to be installed
- the paint cans waiting to be put on the way
- the box that contains the desk we bought before the move for my hubby

And the list goes on and on and on and on...........

I get excited about a project. Often buy what is required for said project. Sometimes begin the project. AND THEN....get distracted by a new idea or notion.

Tackle it Tuesday was made for me!!!

This week I am tackling my husband's desk. Last week I forced myself to finish painting the walls of his den. Poor guy has been waiting "patiently" for me to finish this project since we moved into the house in summer 2006. Now that the walls are the color I was hoping for...he needs a desk!

Like the little engine that could....
I think I can! I think I can! I THINK I CAN!!!

More to follow today when project is done.


Karla said...

Good idea! I've been thinking about several projects around my house that need to be finished up, too, before I start anything new.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come again soon!

Stephanie... said...

Your house sounds like my house. Though I must admit that last summer the DH took the DD to visit relatives so I could finally install the closet organizer and paint her room...AND I DID! Now to finish the window treatment for my home office...and to finding all the things I know I have that I have temporarily misplaced. One of them--I THINK--is an extra copy of the gnome pattern. Will let you know what I unearth.
Happy Wednesday!

Emily said...

Good for you Jamie! Did you get it done? I've got a list of things I need to tackle here too. I would really like to get them all done by, oh I don't know, tomorrow morning when my parents fly in for a week. The list is way too long for that!