Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Its treat time!

I have learned one thing from being a mom....everyone loves a treat!
Also I have learned that I am no different...lol
For all the hard work I have been putting in lately, I decided my treat should be some type of clothing.

My choice is a cute tank top made out of a luscious dark orange/yellow/light orange wool....more on the cotton side.

New clothes for the new body...perfect treat!

Monday, May 30, 2005


So have any of you seen an oogie-boogie look in the eye doctor?
That is my view on iridology. It is freaky! Amazing! And very acurate!
I was introduced to my doctor by my aunt. She was tired of the band-aid views of Western medicine and was referred to Blair by a friend.
When you visit...you fill out your name and address and say nothing else.
It amazed her so much she said "you just have to try it!"
So I did....and that was 3 years ago.

Blair combines iridology(a diagnostic science in which the study of markings in specific areas of the iris are used to indicate dysfunction in corresponding organs of the body) and other beliefs from complimentary medicine practices to make a diagnosis. After this he gives you a list of herbs to take and foods to avoid.

As strange as it may seem to some....and you must have an open mind to alternative medicine for this to work....I believe in it completely.
Whenever I feel off...not quite right...it is time to reconnect with Blair. And that is just what I did last week.

Blair says my kidney ducts are partially blocked...this is why I am retaining water, feeling tired and sluggish and just out of wack.
Suggestions....avoid...chocolate, peanut butter, almonds/butter, greasy foods, dairy, sweets, wheat, breads and pasta...sigh
Herbs of choice....dandelion supreme...for my kidney ducts and supreme minerals for my blood.
I go back in early July to see how things are progressing.

Once again this way of living isn't for everyone but I am happy with the results so far.
Not only am I gaining more energy....but this way of eating is really helping with my "getting healthy" kick.

So hopefully Blair has me on the right track.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Goal Setting

I think the hardest part to losing weight and changing my lifestyle is the goal setting.
I am always setting the goals but the follow through is a a different story.
Lately I have following the book "8 Minutes in the Morning" by Jorge Cruise.
At the end of week one he has you answer 4 questions.

1. What is your current weight? (also write down your original weight)
- 170 lbs

2. What have you done well this week?
- I have followed through with some type of exercise every day.
What makes you proud of you?
- Sticking to my goal of the week

3. What could you be doing better or improving?
- I could make better choices for snacking and meals

4. What is your game plan for week 2?
- I will exercise everyday....increasing my treadmill time to 40 mins and I will stop eating after 7 at night.

Maybe if I write the changes down....it will get easier

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A new start...a new day

Hi all :-)
I hold my head down in shame.
Once my cleanse was over I was so thrilled to see food again, I went insane....lol
But now it is back to reality and my goals.

Today is a new day and my quote for the day is

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it!
By Charles Buxton, American writer

This so true. More than most are willing to admit.
For the past two weeks I have made it a priority to do some type of exercise (usually the treadmill). On the days that I skip, it is usually because I have let other things be a priority.
Plus I end up feeling gross for the neglect.

So I make myself a new promise....I am a priority!
My health, my body, my outlook on life...all are important.

I weighed in at 170 lbs.
42 inch chest, 36 3/4 inch waist and 40 inch hips
This is my starting point.....time to move forward.

My goal for this week is 7 days of intentional exercise and no snacking after 7 pm at night.
I will add to my changes each week or so. Would hate to scare myself into failure.

Time to begin.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Cleanse...day 9 & 10

Nothing really new to report.
Other than one day of yuck...the only change has been my menu.
I guess if that is the biggest change...me thinking about what I am putting in my mouth...then it is all worth it.

I went to a movie on Saturday...now that was fun!
All those smells...yum. I am a junkfood junkie when watching movies...sigh.
I settled in with my bottle of water and a couple bites of my hubby's popcorn to tied me over.

Boredom is definitely setting in with this diet.
I am starting to miss the variety and flavors of food....guess 12 days is longer than I imagined...LOL
Only 2 days left...I can do it.

After the cleanse I am off on working the Dr. Phil way of thinking.
I began reading his book and am on chapter 2...emotional eating..boy is that me!
Stress, happy, sad, family get-to-gethers, lonliness, celebration, consultation..you name it.
It is definitely a good read so far.

Also I am starting intentional exercise today....30 mins to start with.

Hopefully this will continue to be a positive experience.