Monday, January 21, 2008

menu Monday - January 20-26

Well another week bites the dust, however my menu plan was in tacked and took the sting out of the supper time rush. It is so comforting knowing ahead of time what will be on the table.

The only unpredictable part of last week was we ordered supper from a new Chinese place and had McDs instead of the meal planned for Thursday. Family concensus....we would rather eat food prepared from home than have this stuff. OMG!! Did my family actual say they wanted homemade over bought?? I am shocked beyond belief!! Guess I will be looking for recipes for some of our past favorite take-out suppers.

So that being in mind I am planning a week of family favorites. Sheridan has mid-terms this week and I want to make sure her mind (as well as her body) are well nourished. The best way to accomplish that is to make sure the food on the table is something she enjoys.

Roasted chicken with gravy
mashed potatoes
fresh buns

Homemade chicken noodle soup
Fresh buns

spaghetti with meat sauce

Beef stroganoff
peas and corn

pork chops in mushroom soup gravy
mashed potatoes

meatloaf burgers
potato salad

leftovers or sub sandwiches

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Anonymous said...

Having a plan sure does help. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I would love it if you would participate in Freezer Food Friday.. I am just trying to get it started.


Stephanie... said...

Can I come eat at your house? Despite the distance, I am certain it would be well worth the trip! Also I could bring your Arctic Canadian air back to you. Incidentally you've been tagged (but it's entirely optional details are on my blog).

Killlashandra said...

There must be something about chicken noodle soup, I made that this week too. :)