Sunday, April 01, 2007

Time stands still for no one

Life has been busy lately. Daughter's school activities, after school activities, homework, housework, covering at old job for employee, family time, husband time and maybe if I am lucky some me time. But somehow me time isn't very much.

This weekend I have been taking stock and I don't like what I have found.
When I put me last it shows.....

This is a virtual model of me at 174 pounds. YIKES!!!
Where did the weight come from? I can tell you. No exercise. Every excuse in the book not to exercise - no time, weather sucks, I would rather being...
Also, a less than good diet. Junk and processed foods are so much easier than the good foods that take an effort to make.

Am I worth the effort? You are darn right I am and things need to change.
Time for a change. Stay tuned for the new me...little by little I will carve her out again.