Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Now just what should these treasure become when they grow up???

Guess what? I'm not telling....LOL
Stay tuned in to find out!

Monday, August 29, 2005

It's like Christmas

Today I found in my lonely mailbox a parcel from my sweet SP.
She just made my day.

First each small gift was specially wrapped.

Then after I opened each of the special treasures this is what I found

My newfound gifts are a lavender candle, jasmine scented oil and a lightbulb ring, a mini scrapbook, a notepad that says "just for happy", a x-stitch pattern for angel bookmarks and my prize possession "Stitch 'N Bitch" book.

Thank you so much for you generosity and kindness.
Now can you reveal yourself?

Lazy days of summer are ending

Yes you read that right....sigh
Summer is coming to an end, the days are getting shorter, the evenings cooler and school starts in 3 days. Where did the time go?

Well this realization is giving me the kick in the butt that I need.
Time to get back to what I started back in and my health.

So this morning I started the exercising and healthy eating again.

My "8 minutes in the Morning" exercise book had a good quote this morning.
I think I might just put it on another paper by my computer, so that I can read it daily.

When health is absent
Wisdom cannot reveal itself,
Art cannot become manifest,
Strength cannot be exerted,
Wealth is useless, and
Reason is powerless.

-Herophilies, 300 B.C.

Creative time

Recently I was able to acquire a dresser and nightstand, gently used, from the local freecycle. My intent was to do something with it for my daughter's room.
Well regretfully the objects just sat in my garage gathering dust and my daughter became increasingly annoyed!

So then a creative urge came over me and in the span of 4 days, I created a masterpiece.

Naturally I was pleased with the experience. I had fun! I got to be creative! And finally the items were finished! My daughter was thrilled!!!!

Then the neighbor came over....she just had to see she said.
Once she left, she had gooshed over the items, hired me to paint her daughter's set and has encouraged me to branch out and do this for some extra cash.

Can you believe that?
Getting paid to play????
What a thought!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The old saying goes....

Pride goeth before a fall...LOL
And so it seems to be true!
Today I decided to get my act together and paint the furniture I had promised to finish for my daughter. The day was going well...primer done...coat one done....coat two I went to check my e-mail thinking to myself what a great job I was doing

BUT when I returned I found Kitty footprints on the top of the furniture which led down to the coach and proceded onto the hardwood and towards the stairs. Either the paint had dried by the time she met the carpet or she took a detour to the basement. Not sure yet..LOL

Easier to laugh now then I was scrubbing and repainting.

So my cat now has purple feet...isn't she fancy!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

apology to my SP

So sorry to my secret pal from SP5. In all the craziness of this summer I forgot to post a picture of the wonderful package she sent me last month. It included sock yarn, bamboo needles to make the socks, a journal to keep track of my projects, a pack of playing cards with a Harley on it, a wonderful hand-knit hat and a bracelet for my daughter. This package made my day...thank you so much SP!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Reminder of home

This trip wouldn't have been complete without visiting a place with my daughter's name. Just made more homesick...thank goodness we were heading home.

Hubby and I visiting Devil's Tower

Family fun

Even when out on a fun trip a motorcycle had to be incorporated.
Can you say obsessed...LOL


This was the beginning of the needles highway. What a site!
All these bikes pouring through the one-way tunnel....and the view from up top....WOW!

Crazy Horse

This project makes a person just stand and look in awe at how someone can dream so big.

Little BigHorn memorial

I'm back......

What a great vacation!
Good weather (except for a couple of rain storms), good friends and great scenery. Who could ask for more.

For those who don't know....I went on a trip with hubby to Sturgis.
It is an experience that all should have. There is everything from tame and mild to wild and crazy. It is a people watchers paradise...LOL

But as Dorothy said after her trip to OZ...there really is no place like home.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Its Vacation time......

Well it is finally here. Vacation!!!!
We leave tomorrow for a motorcycle first for a long distance.
Off to Sturgis to see how the bikers

For those of you who don't know what that is a place in South Dakota where once a year the bikers of the world meet. It is sponsored by Harley Davidson however, ever type of biker seems to appear.

I am sure after this trip I will have tons to tell and show you all.