Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday!

One of my hopes for 2008 is to eliminate ( or atleast reduce) my ability to procrastinate!

I am a firm believer in putting off what needs to be done. Either that or my list is just too large most days and much gets put off. My first clue to this condition should of been one of my favorite movie lines..."After all tomorrow is another day!" said in my best Scarlett O'Hara twang. LOL

As I was browsing for different blog ideas I came across Tackle it Tuesday What a great idea! Making myself accountable by tackling on job at a time.

So today is my maiden voyage for the year...first job is removing the signs of Christmas. Does anyone else find this task depressing? I put off putting away my Santas, bulbs and lights until the last moment because once removed I feel as empty as my house. The warmth of the season seems to disappear and a bit of sadness is left behind.

But I knew that it was time to go......



The day was filled with endless trips up and down the stairs. Removing! Wrapping! Reboxing! Organizing! Wrapping in Plastic! and finally storing under the stairs until the next Christmas season peeks out to be seen!

First task accomplished :-)

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