Monday, January 14, 2008

Menu Monday - January 13-19

Organization has never been an easy endeavor for me! But here I am on week two of Menu Monday and I am hoping this habit of organization will stick. It was great knowing what would be on the table for supper. It was even better knowing that the ingredients to make these delicious meals were either in the fridge, freezer or pantry. No having to run to the store at the last minute for forgotten items.

I am trying to get DD involved in cooking as well. Last week she helped by making the cheesecake. This week she helped make the Hobo Packets.

I have fond memories of making Hobo packets and grilling them over an open campfire. We made these for our Outdoor Ed Camp in grade nine. Now there are memories from the past. My group made them....carried them for miles into our camp...stored them in a bag in the river to keep them cool and then cooked them and "bribed"....oh I mean fed them to our instructors as well as ourselves in hopes of a good grade. LOL

Making them in the oven isn't quite the same! The meat doesn't get quite crispy enough for our liking.

But as you can see we had lots of fun making them!

Menu for January 13-19

Sunday: Hobo Packets
Monday: Vegetable Beef Soup and fresh buns
Tuesday: Chicken fingers, noodles and stir-fry veggies
Wednesday: Sweet and sour Pork Stir-fry with basmati rice
Thursday: Primary teacher's delight with creamed corn
Friday: Pizza with raw veggie sticks
Saturday: Take-out...treating to local Chinese food

Also last week I received a couple requests for a chicken recipe I was trying.

Apricot Pecan Chicken

4 chicken breasts, halved
1/4 cup broken pecans ( or walnuts or slivered almonds depending on taste)
2 tbsp. margarine
1/3 cups apricot preserves
1 tbsp. vinegar
1/4 tsp. ground ginger

Rinse chicken and pat dry. In large skillet melt margarine and then add chicken and nuts. Cook over medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes, turning occasionally. Trasfer chicken breasts to serving platter, reserving juices in skillet.

Keep chicken warm. To prepare glaze: stir preserves, vinegar and ginger into reserved juices in skillet. Cook and stir over medium heat for 1 to 2 minutes, until mixture is heated through. Spoon glaze over chicken and serve.

Note: This is a first time for this recipe. I made extra glaze to spoon over rice as well as the chicken. Also the nuts singed when place in pan to cook with chicken. Next time I will save toasting the nuts til close to the end of cooking time with the chicken.

Otherwise this recipe is a keeper.

More Menus can be found at Menu Monday's
What a great way to liven up meal time.


Nichole said...

The apricot-pecan chicken sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to help in the kitchen.

Candi said...

Thanks for posting the recipe. It sounds really good!!

This week sounds great, too!!

Have a good week!

Emily said...

Jamie, your menu sound yummy! My days run so much smoother when I have a menu already planned.

Sarah said...

"Traditional" hobo pockets (with beef and potates) aren't that great in the oven, but try them (per individual) with a half package of Ramen, some of the flavoring packet and liquid, chicken or shrimp and some stir fry veggies. VERY comforting. Have a great week!