Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Beginning

Another year has begun!
What is it that is so exciting about a new year that the world celebrates with great exuberance? The new beginning? A clean slate? A time to start over or just make a fresh start? All these things are true.
The new year brings with it hope and promises of great things.
I must admit that the prospect of change, hope and an unchartered frontier has caught me up as well. This a new year to be who I want to be, to do things I want to do, to make myself a better person.

Each year I start off with a huge list of things I want to change, improve or do. And as the days tick off of each year I find that the list becomes daunting! Taunting me over and over about my failure to accomplish the simple things.

This year will be different. No huge list! No paper with things to check off as I go. My attitude this year is to do better. Focus on me! Something a SAHM has a difficult time doing. I will approach each day as a clean slate and accomplish what I can, change what I want to and am able to and no more.

I wish you all a successful year for 2008. Accomplish what you want and can. Be the best you can be. Look for the positive. Make the world a better place. And most of all be happy :-)

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