Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday!

Okay for weeks I have been fighting the untamed beast of my hubby's den. First it was the painting. It took forever to find an idea for color and then after painting one wall my vision changed and I had to find another color to coordinate with the rich chocolate brown I fell in love with.

Next came the desk. It tried to defeat me! I began to tackle this project 2 weeks ago but became disheartened when some of the pieces didn't fit the way I wanted. I walked away, got a new determination to finish and today.....I finished the desk!!!

Flying high from success I decided also to tackle a new project this week.
Our TV cabinet has become a catch-all for all the papers, books and crafts that get left on the couch.



Now I feel energized to accomplish some more around this house.
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1 comment:

Emily said...

Jamie, Congratulations on getting it done! It feels so good to get those things crossed off the list, doesn't it. I'm (slowly) working through mine right now.