Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday!

Its been a couple of weeks since I have posted....but that doesn't mean I haven't been working.

Progress on the three large projects I posted a couple weeks' ago is as follows...
1) TV cabinet still waiting to be finished...hardware arrived in mail but life has been busy on the weekends...so it sits pleading with me to finish it.

2) Closet organizer is still waiting patiently to be installed. For anyone who has a near-teenage/teenage daughter...they don't like to be rushed...and I REFUSE to clean out her closet for her. My daughter is the type that when she cleans, she takes forever because "treasures" are found that she has forgotten she owned...LOL
At the moment the closet is about 5/6 cleaned and hopefully today she will finish the last couple piles.

3) The recipe box project...it is almost completed. I have painted the box, sorted through my recipes, purged what family didn't like or stuff that just won't be made, filed those that have not been tried yet and written family favorites on cards. However, hubby suggested this is the archaic way of tackling this project....he suggests putting everything on the computer...so I think this project will need another week.

Now onto the new stuff.....each Tuesday I have tackled a smaller project since larger ones seem to stall in their progress.

Tackle job #1 - February 26/08
Tired of the mess I call the storage container cabinet. Its an odd shape and often I am scrounging through the containers just to find a lid...plus there are unused items in there...I just knew it.

Tackle Job #2 - March 4/08
This week I cleaned our section couch in the familyroom.
I must admit posting pictures of its tired, dirty state is something no one should endure. Let's just say it looks tons better and leave it at that :-)

Tackle Job #3 - March 11/08
And finally this week...as I was sitting at my desk in my craft room I had a lightbulb moment. My craft room....a room just for me...for creative moments and such had become a dumping ground for almost everything. The mess is overwhelming! Where to start!?!?! I decided to focus on the desk itself. Its amazing what a little tidying can do for the spirit. I filed bills, shredded old papers and compartmentalized the little things. The results are wonderful.

Hopefully next week I can post that the 3 larger projects are done and I am ready to move forward.

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