Monday, March 31, 2008

#24 - cook an ethnic meal

Cooking has always been a source of enjoyment for me, but lately I have noticed that I cook mostly the basics or tried and true recipes. My sense of adventure and curousity has been limited. So on this journey, I have decided to make an "ethnic" meal at home atleast every 2 months.

One of our family favorites is Chinese food. I have noticed lately however that much of what we get as take-out does not meet our standards and we have been left disappointed. So I thought why not imitate a couple of these family standards. recipes. I just tossed in a bit of this and that til my tastebuds said YES!

Firstly I made homemade egg rolls with store - bought wrappers, coleslaw mix, shredded chicken and spices/sauces to taste. After assembly I fried them in some oil till golden brown. Hubby asked if they were store bought :-) Not sure, but am taking that as a compliment.

Fried rice is another standard of any Chinese takeout. My only complaint of most fried rice is that the veggies/meat are few and far between. I sauted ginger and garlic with some onions. Cut up waterchestnuts, bamboo shoots, carrots, baby corn and broccoli and sauteed this ginger/garlic mixture...added rice and soy sauce. Yum!

Finally I made hubby's all time favorite - Pineapple chicken. VH sauces now has a Pineapple sauce. I lightly battered small chunks of chicken breast and fried in oil til golden. Then I added to warming pineapple sauce.

All in all...the Chinese feast was a hit and I will be doing this again for sure.

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Emily said...

Jamie, this looks like a wonderful dinner! Glad it was such a hit with your family, too.

I need to update my progress on my 101 list. Thanks for the reminder. ;-)