Monday, March 10, 2008

Menu Monday : March 9 - 15th

Wow! Last week was a busy one but thanks to my menu I was ready each and every night. It was a great feeling to know exactly what needed to be in the house for each meal.


Saturday night I relived my memories of university by making Indian Tacos.
I noticed the recipe on many a blog lately and just had to make them. My summer job during University was at a replica "whisky trading post" and we had living history. Fry bread was a staple food made in the kitchen for tourists to sample and as a treat for the staff we had Indian tacos after everyone had left. The recipe didn't leave me disappointed and even though I am not sure it was loved by all in my home, I can honestly say I will be eating this lovely stuff again in the future.

Now Friday was hubby's 42nd birthday. In honor of the occasion I started out making a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate creme filling. I baked the cake successfully. Put one layer on the plate when cooled and placed the yummy cream filling over top. Then I placed the second layer ontop and proceeded to frost the cake. As the chocolate frosting oozed down the sides of the cake a cake earthquake must of happened....the cake began to split in half and then half again. I stood in shock! What should I do? This can't be happening!!!!

Then I just giggled, grabbed my largest bowl and dropped in on top of the natural disaster. I inverted the bowl and presto.....bowl chocolate explosion cake. LOL

In spite of the "disaster" no on seemed too disappointed in the cake!

This week I am utilizing my deep freeze stash to plan.

Sunday: ribs(from freezer), baked potato, beets, coleslaw
Monday: Turkey soup (broth and meat in freezer), buns
Tuesday: S & S meatballs (freezer), rice, beans, coleslaw
Wednesday: Salmon crown (pantry salmon), rice, corn, salad
Thursday: Chicken thighs (freezer), roasted potatoes, peas/corn, salad
Friday: Roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots (beef in freezer)
Saturday: Leftovers

Happy planning everyone. For more ideas check out
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