Thursday, April 28, 2005 6

Today is the midway point of the cleanse. From here it is just downhill....and not in a bad way.
I decided that yesterday was definitely the weather. Today there is some sun and my mood is perking up...maybe the weather affects me more than I realized.

Cleansewise I feel pretty good. The bathroom and I meet occasionally....not as much as I expected....they say that is a good thing.

My biggest obstacle now is the water....I am not one to drink much....but I need to drink 8 glasses....some days I meet my goal...other days I come close...but I have found that the more I drink, the more I am waking up craving the stuff.

ON a positive note, I went to the mall today with fear in my heart. All those glorious smells...would they be my downfall....NO! I went with water bottle and bag of carrots in hand...and it worked. My girlfriend and her kids munched on carmel popcorn...I enjoyed the smell and popped carrots in my mouth instead.

Todays menus....rice cakes with almond butter, pear, carrots, salad, stirfried beef strips in garlic, onion and peppers. It seems like the more fruits and vegetables I eat the less hungry I that normal I wonder.

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