Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cleanse...day 2

I am not quite so chipper today...LOL
Not sure if the body is going through withdrawal for sugar or the pills were doing their thing....

Woke up with a slight headache with persisted for most of the day.
Headache was focused in the sinus area.
After supper I felt woozy, and nauseaus....didn't dare drive....and I was exhausted!
I could of fallen asleep at 8 or earlier if I could of afforded the luxury.

Food....strawberries, scrambled eggs, apple, carrots, popcorn (dry), more carrots, poached chicken breast, tomato, baked potato and mixed greens with lemon and olive oil.
Drinking was 1 cup green tea, 2 cups licorice tea and 6 glasses of water....the water is my biggest challenge.

I did however buy groceries yesterday and stock the fridge with cut up fruits and veggies....makes grabbing food much easier. I was also reading my food list a little closer and they say I can have almond butter on rice cakes and V-8 juice....so guess I am visiting the store again...lol

It is definitely a learning experience.

Onto day 3

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