Wednesday, April 27, 2005 5

Its a gray day today!!
I'm not sure if my lack of energy is a result of the cleanse or the gray day outside with its snow/rain and cool wind....ugh!
Today, also, the bathroom and I are becoming more acquainted....knew this day would come...just wasn't sure when.

I am getting tired of the diet too. I really need to expand my cooking abilities that correlate to this way of thinking. I think tomorrow I might buy a good steak and grill/broil it on the salad greens for a change.

I, also, changed my large meal from supper to lunch. I felt just downright bloated the last couple of days after supper. Hubby suggested the switch and ssshhhh! don't tell him, but he was right...LOL
I felt much better tonight and really not very hungry at suppertime....but had to eat something to go with the pills. I, too, cut out the night snack of didn't go well on the stomach either.
Much better night due to changes I am sure.

Food....boiled eggs, carrots, rice cakes with almond butter, rice stirfried with chicken, onion, garlic, broccoli, carrots, red/orange peppers, apple

Drink....7 glasses of water and 1 green, 3 licorice, and 1 apple/cinnamon tea...told you it was a cool gray day outside...all I wanted was something warm to drink.

Oh and as an willpower is much stronger than I thought.
I love sugar, chocolate...oh and did I mention
Well hubby wanted treats for the office...I made brownies and chocolate zucchini cake and didn't cheat once, not even to lick the bowl or finger....WTG me :-)

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