Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cleanse...day 3

I woke up Sunday morning to find my headache finally gone...yipee!
Moodwise I was feeling much better and started to get bursts of energy which I used to my advantage. I am really surprized that I don't crave sugar more....I am sure it is my biggest downfall.

Went to the store and bought V-8 juice, rice crackers and almond butter...yummo!
I think I have found a new treat...the store had almond/hazelnut, cashew, hazelnut and a mystery butter which is a combo. I will experiment after the cleanse. However the almond butter is grand...it mixed with the rice crackers seemed like a great treat!

I haven't spent as much time in the bathroom as I thought I would...but I guess I still have days to go before I am finished.

I seem to be losing about 1lb a day....will be nice if the trend continues.
Exercise hasn't been much since it is recommended that you don't do a lot in the beginning....tires you out much more.
Monday will start with a few easy walks to get back into the swing of things.

Food....scrambled eggs, strawberries, rice cakes with almond butter, carrots, poached chicken, mixed greens, red/orange peppers, celery, and tomato
Drink....1 green tea, 1 licorice tea, 8 glasses of water (I am floating away)...LOL

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