Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My cup runneth over

Today started like any other day full of chores and jobs.
Then I visited my mailbox and found a pretty surprize inside.

Isn't this a colorful package?

Once I read the return address I knew who had thought so kindly of me. It was my Secret Pal once again :-)

I raced home and stopped long enough to take my first picture, then ripped open the puffy to find these treasures inside.....

Inside I found a christmas card wishing me happy holidays, two balls of soft green yarn, some hot chocolate packages, a small bag of candies, and a circular addi turbo needle for me to test drive.

Also she made me this cute potato chip scarf.

I just love homemade gifts. Such things are treasured close to my heart.
Thank you Secret pal for making me feel so special!

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