Monday, January 08, 2007

Gratitude, thanks and gratification

Today's quote
The whole worth of a kind deed is in the love that
inspires it.

-The Talmud

I am grateful for.....
1. a husband who loves me no matter what
2. the spontaneous laughter of my daughter
3. the holidays spent relaxing with family
4. crisp mornings
5. the love of an animal....or two or three....LOL
6. appreciation of all music types
7. time to craft
8. and off
9. citrus smells
10. finding a place for everything

I wasn't a very good blogger last month but want to take this moment to thank all who made December such a wonderful time with their spoilings. Thanks went to all personally but none on in no particular order

Lucie from
a loving home was my partner for the ornament swap. She was kind enough to gift me these homemade beauties.

They were a great addition to my tree this year.

Bridget from Knitting with the Classics was my swaping partner for the holiday season. Her package included a cute woodsman created by her own hands plus other goodies. Another ornament to add to my growing collection.

I joined a swapping group centered around the growing trend of stitchmarkers.
Stuff knitters want and gotta have exchange is a hoot for anyone who enjoys this craft.
I was spoiled by four great ladies.

Spoiling Kim, Mariann, Betty and Prissy was as much fun as getting spoiled by them.

My secret pal was kind enough to gift me a book I have been dying to add to my crafting collection.
I look forward to working on many of the patterns included within the pages.

Swapping is so much friendships and gifts..what could be better.

Also, with a new year upon us, I have decided to keep track of my many creations in 2007. To start the year I needed something quick and this being said I grabbed a ball of yarn I fell in love with at the beginning of 2006 and created these cute flowers. All they need now are pins sewn on the back to make a flower for any girl's lapel.

I have so much to be grateful for and give thanks to.

Thank you everyone!!!

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