Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A big Thanks!!!!

I am so behind...sigh
I enjoy swaps and always remember the personal thank you however, I do forget to post my thank you's publicly for all to see.

Firstly I was part of a Valentine's swap hosted on Knitting with the classics
My fellow swappee Puanani
sent me a marvelous gift package.

The Hello Kitty Pez dispenser almost didn't stay in my possession. My daughter loved it!! And the zipper pull was fantastic. Never seen an angel one before.

Thanks Debbie for the great gifts. Now its time to sit down and read the book.

I also am participating in
I have been having a hoot spoiling a person who will remain anonymous until I make my reveal. Also, my spoilee has been great to me. Even though life has been hectic and she has been having some family problems, she remembered to send me this wonderful surprize.

So once again, a big thank you to those ladies who have taken a moment out of their busy lives to make my day just a little bit brighter.

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