Friday, October 28, 2005


This has been a couple of weeks for gifts.
AND....I am liking it...LOL

Firstly, a pal I made on knitting parents and then flyingselfchallenge.
Claudiais a doll!
She has been one of my greatest supporters in my quest for health. So she sent me a small gift to reward me for my efforts.
The card and stitch markers are awesome...stitch markers have dragonflies on them for luck.

Onto friend number two.....
In today's mail was a package from my Southern SP.
What a pick-me-up!!!
It was like Christmas....
First this is what I saw......
And then after the fury of ripping open all the little packages....I found a cute card complete with made-for-me poem, a knitting clam, wool wash, stitch markers, soap and 2 balls of a soft red wool called Beautiful by Sensations.

I see a nice fuzzy scarf in my near future...stay tuned for futher pictures.

So to my dear pals out there...THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emily said...

Jamie, it looks like the post man has been the bearer of good things! I have the feeling that the will be more. ;-)

That red yarn from your SP looks beautiful! What are you going to make with it?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am your secret pal for the book exchange at Knit the Classics. I do not have your address to mail you book!

Could you e-mail me at: