Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tea Swap 3

Its difficult to believe that another 3 months has flown by and I haven't been saying a word. Its like I have become a hermit. Stuck in my own whirlwind of activity which leaves little or no time for my blog.

A great way to come out of the silence is with a huge thank you to Emy for the fabulous package she sent to me for our Knitters tea swap 3. I was beyond thrilled to be paired with a lady from Singapore and I was not disappointed.

Firstly she sent me 6 balls of luscious yarn. 4 are tomato red (leaning towards an orange) cotton and 2 are a varigated pink/white bamboo blend. I have never used bamboo blends before and I am very much looking forward to the experience.

Secondly was the teas and sweets. Wow Emy you outdid yourself!
She sent mem - a box of green tea
- 2 packages of Milo nuggets by nestle ( they are a chocolate malted candy...reminds me a lot of my favorite easter treat!
- Eark Grey mix hard candies ( my daughter says YUM!)
- Another bag of hard candies ( my daughter says Double Yum!!)
- a package of Longan Meat
- a package of dried Sweet Prunes
- a package of seedless red dates
- a package of Qi Zi Wolfberries
and lastly a letter with instructions on how to make my own brews of tea with these ingredients.

I am so looking forward to try new teas and enjoying the treats.

Once again thank you so much Emy for making this swap so much fun.


Dave said...

Nice package!

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

I am so glad you got your package finally... I guess you won't be needing my Angel wings after all... LOL