Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Its a Wooly Ghoul Time

With September comes cool/crisp mornings, darker evenings, apples, starting of school and schedules, and holidays. The main holiday of choice next to Christmas is Halloween.
Who doesn't like halloween? A time to scare yourself and others. A time to have fun and be a child for a day. Dressing up. Trick or treating. And of course it is time for the Boo-ty Swap

I stumbled upon this swap by accident last year and had a great time spoiling another Halloween lover like myself. Pleasantly I was extended an invitation to join in the fun again and jumped at the opportunity. Today we were awarded our "secret pals" and mine has requested a wish list of ideas to help with her task.

Telling people what I want has always been a difficult task due to the fact that if I feel I need something I usually go out and get it...LOL
But in trying to fulfull this request I can give a general list of things I like.

I love soft wools and unusual textures or blends.
I love vibrant colors...especially anything fall like...ie, red, rust, oranges.
I love novelty wools...the unusual type that have pieces of wool, fabric or beads woven into it.
I love small project that are completed quickly.
I love all crafts of any kind.
I have always wanted to try a project that included beads with knitting.
I love knitting books, cookbooks, or books of any kind to be quite honest.
I love teas...mainly herbal...for the cool nights ahead.
I have started a collection of bamboo needles but also own a couple turbo addis.
I love candles with scents of cinnamon and apple spice.
I collect angels to the point of obsession.

And most of all I am thrilled to have a secret pal be part of my life.
Hope this helps :-)


Boo-ty swap Pal said...

Great! Thank you!

Can you email me at my secret account: (k2p2yo@gmail.com) to let me know what bamboo needles and what addi sizes you already own? Or any sizes in specific you are looking for.

Bonnie said...

Hi Jamie, remember me? It's great to see you still keep blogging. I hope all's well with your family. I loved seeing all your yarn and projects on the blog, and your kitty is so cute!

How is the weight loss/exercise going? You were a great inspiration to me in my own weight loss journey, and I've finally gotten 25 lbs off! It took getting the kids off to college and joining a gym, tho!

Still knitting, still sewing. Drop me a note sometime.

Bonnie Evans (from Knitting Mothers)

R a i n said...

Hi Jamie...being in the midst of secret pal 11, I thought of you.

I think you may not have received my last email but anyways hopped by to see how you were doing.

~SP 9 spoilee

Anonymous said...

I would be very happy if you come to swap gift with us!
have a nice day!
Mama from France
Swap gift communauty and friends