Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New challenge

The autumn leaves are falling and cooler weather has arrived.
As things prepare for the long winter ahead, my desire to knit re-awakens. With a bang!!

Around this time of year I get the urge to knit. Its uncontrollable! I spend hours drooling over pictures of knitwear. Think about yarns, colors and patterns. It is a cycle that I have accepted.

So to warm up my fingers...remove the kinks and rust from non-use....I pull out the needles and some novelty yarn that has caught my eye and start knitting....scarves! I just love novelty yarn. There are so many. Yesterday I grabbed one at a local yarn store and I am in heaven...LOL It is similar to an eyelash but so vibrant and soft. Sigh I will show a completed picture later.

As I was browsing patterns...this caught my eye.

At first I wasn't sure about this style. Who wants a knitted skirt? And ribbons on my butt...are you insane!! But for some reason I kept coming back to it. So I did the ultimate test....I showed it to my hubby. This is a man who plays Switzerland on almost everything. When asking for an opinion on what I look like in an outfit...I usually get "as long as you like it dear." Grrr!! Not really want a girl wants to hear (but that is another story)

I was curious - would I get a response of any kind. And you could of knocked me over with a feather when I did. He had a positive response. Shocker!!!
Said it would look quite nice on a lady with curves. HMMMM?!?!?

This got me thinking. I must be returning to this pattern for a reason. What would it look like on me? And I realized two things. One...I had to make this skirt. And two...I needed to start taking care of myself...lose some weight and tone...
I know I would love this skirt for work.

So I went out and bought this.....

and an exercise ball and resistance band.

I read the book....customized an exercise plan to achieve my desired goals...which was to lose some weight and focus my attention to my core.
I know I can do this. Goal one: Lose 15 lbs by Christmas.

I will post my measurements and weight every two weeks to show my progress...for myself mostly.

Starting weight: 165lbs
Measurements: chest: 41 1/2
waist: 36
hips: 39 1/2
bicep: 12 1/2
calf: 15
thigh: 23

Then the next hurdle will be to find the bamboo yarn to create this beauty.
But of course that is a challenge for another day........


Claudia said...

that skirt is gorgeous. I really like it. And I know you can do it.
Just reserve a time to exercise, that's what I do.

Andrea said...

I LOVE that skirt. I would love to make it for myself, but like you, have reservations. I'm sure hubby would love for me to make it myself. Heck - he'd even find it good enough of a reason to buy more yarn.