Sunday, October 15, 2006

Creative juices

This time of year is always the knitting obsession comes out in full force. I see patterns I want, yarns I must have and I just can't get enough.

Season always starts out the same...scarves.
I went to one of my haunts last Sunday and found some new novelty wool.
Can't explain why I love this stuff so much....I have more than enough scarves to keep my little neck warm...but here I am knitting new scarves for the season.

Also on one of my LYS searches I found this pattern....

And the best news was the required yarn was on sale :-)
I love the tank version....will be great under a jacket in cool weather or by itself in warm.
So of course it had to be started right away...LOL

Another curse of the knitting bug is Christmas is just a little ways away.
I enjoy making gifts when I can and came across this great blanket pattern.

The crochet version had more character so I dusted off my crochet hook and went to work. My skills are a bit rusty but its a lot like riding a never forget. I am already half done and its only mid-October. YIPEE!!!

So that's it for now...but I am itching to start something else...hmmmmm?
What should I make next????


Claudia said...

love the tank that is so cute. I need to find something like that, now that I am size 14 I can knit more stuff for myself.
The blanket is pretty too. Yes Anika and Lars have grown quiet a bit over the year.
Thanks for the hello.

Cathy said...

It's fall! Knitting time! I crochet in the summer, mostly doilies, because they're light and portable. But when theat cool air hit and Bill gets the wood stove going, all the yarn comes out! Love the tank top! That will look sharp under a blazer! And a gazillion kudos to attempting the blanket!