Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The spoiler becomes the spoilee!

One of my greatest pleasures has been the SP (or secret pal) program.
I joined up for SP5 for my first experience and had a blast. Each SP since has been a pleasure.

Regretfully I did not join up for SP8 :-( With my impending move I decided I could not do justice to spoiling a deserving person properly.

Well tell me how surprized I was to open my mailbox and find a package the other day.

It was from one of my spoilees!!!
SP7 I had the pleasure of being Lindsay's fairy godmother. It was great to spoil a fellow Canadian. But what I didn't know is that she would turn around and spoil me as well. In my package I found a notecard, "Knit" button, and two books....Knit Lit and Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw. Both books are ones I look forward to reading this summer.

So a huge thank you to Lindsay. Your package brighten my day more than you will ever know.

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Zee said...

How sweet!