Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ban the books!?!?!?!?

Can you imagine not being able to chose what you wanted to read?
To have someone tell you what was appropriate or just to remove books from your life all together?

Our town's public libary just brought out a program for the youth to show what books are banned in what countries. They are encouraging them to read these "contriband" and offer opinions or just appreciate our right to chose.

I have been reading or been exposed to books as long as I can remember.
My first nursery rhyme book is still on my bookshelf today and I use to enjoy the stories my grandmother told me about me and the book. How I would amaze people who came to our house because I could "read" at such an early age. LOL Truth was I had heard the stories so many times that it was commited to memory.

When I turned 7 my grandfather took me to the town library and bought my first library card and this became a weekly tradition with holding his hand and walking to the library to chose some new adventure to experience or country to visit.

I have surrounded myself with books but regretfully life gets in the way and reading has on more than one occassion fallen onto the back burner because of lack of time or energy.

This year I decided to make reading more of a priority.
Posting was a way to keep me accountable...however that means I need to post...LOL

Since Febrary...this what I have read.

Simply Scandalous By Carly Phillips
This is a quick and easy romance novel. Not really known for a challenge.
It was lighthearted, funny and total fluff.

You and Your Child: the joys, myths and challenges of raising an only child
by Patricia Nachman

This is a self-help styled book catering to the parent(s) of a single child. She uses lots of examples and different parenting styles...from the way we were raised to the way we raise our child. She even has a section for the divorced parent or remarried parent with other children. I found it an easy read and parts quite helpful.

On Secret Service by John Jakes
One of my favorite authors. I am a sucker for anything that takes place in the south and his books never disappoint. By mixing romance, history and good writing...this book was never going to miss the mark. Great read!!

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio: How my mother raised 10 kids on 25 words or less by Terry Ryan
After seeing the movie of the same name staring Julianne Moore I just had to read the book and compare. The book had me right along with the family. I cheered on the successes and cried with the failures. The writer showed her mother's determination, wit and humor, and most of all strength. Movie was was better.

Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe
What to say about this book? It was a struggle!
The old English and endless writing was not my favorite. I enjoy chapters...starts and endings of thoughts...not continuous dialogue which this contained. I persevered! This was the selection for one of my online lists and I was bound and determined to finish it. Once I got past about page 50 the story seemed to make a bit more sense but I still found the language a struggle. To help, I rented the movie. Big Mistake!!! The movie may have been loosely based on the book but may I suggest extremely loose. Didn't help in the least. I did finish the book though and it was worth it. The story was amazing! It would be interesting to find out if it really is based on a person's life or not.

So this is where I begin May....I think the next choice will be an easier read...but I am remembering how much I love to lose myself in the worlds of books.

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teabird17 said...

I'm a librarian, and I can appreciate your horror at the idea of banning books -- and I shared your pain about Moll. I slogged through only for the discipline of the slog, but I hated the book. Pride and Prejudice is a joy whenever you read it, but especially after a book you detest!