Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Pod People have landed

I have always been one with no defined decorating sense.
I love dark vivid colors. There is no flow from room to room. If it feels good I paint it. Furniture wise I am not classical, traditional, country or modern. My home is hodge podge of things that just make me feel good.

I love chochkeys....things for display. And even though I have to dust lots of little things, each one holds a meaning or memory for me.

The same applies to my outdoor room.
And a couple of years ago I found these adorable face planters.

They add a bit of whimsy to my home and uniqueness. I have yet to see them anywhere else.

Best part...once I put them out this year my daughter sighed and said
"I guess summer is here!" LOL


Geraldine said...

These planters are a hoot....hope you and your family have a great summer and lots of outdoor fun-time!!

BFN, G :)

Claudia said...

those are adorable. And yes tell S, summer is here. LOL

Have a great time this summer, whatever y'all are doing.

Oh and my house is hodge podge too and I like it that way. *wink

Zee said...

How totally cute!