Friday, May 05, 2006

Peeping Friday

As those of you who actually read my babble have noticed by now I am sure....I have been absent for some time.

So today's peeping friday I decided to show you what my April was like.

Hubby came home one day and said "dear let's sell, downsize and improve our financial life". Being the wonderful wife I am....I jumped in with both feet!

First we needed to clean, declutter and get the house ready for viewing. I am a great collector of chochkies so this was not an easy task. You all saw the picture of my den. Well the rest of the house was comparable.

Our realtor has a service where she brings in an interior designer to stage the house. She tells you what needs to go away and redesigns each room. Not the easiest of tasks.

This is our house after she completed her job.

And this is what she had me pack away....ugh!

Then came the viewers. And they came in droves. The market right now is insane and after 8 days we were the proud owners of a "sold" sign.

After the reality set in that we were homeless.
So we hit the streets and browsed anything that was close to our criteria.
Nothing fit! Of course many were nice but each had something that needed to be added, fixed or changed. Then we walked into a house that just felt right. It was amazing! Looking around the house I could imagine my furniture in the rooms and actually living there. This had to be the one!!!!

After a few days of nailbiting and an emotional rollercoaster ride...we got the house :-) Remember how I said we were downsizing....change that thought...LOL
Somehow the house of our dreams is actually larger. How this happened I will never know.

Now comes the fun job of packing. We have 2 months and then onto our new future.
Everyone loves a new adventure.


Geraldine said...

Hi again, Forgot to mention, we are neighbours (you'll have new ones soon!!) we are currently living in Sask. heading out to BC asap..hopefully this fall, way to many delays getting there. Bye again, G.

luvs2knit said...

Jamie --- I'm glad that you found a new home! I love it!

Zee said...

What a wonderrful looking house! Good luck on the move, Jamie! :) Best wishes for you.