Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This morning I woke up in a very reflective mood!
I have spent most of the time since thinking back on my life. Looking at where I was, what I wanted out of life and where I am now.

Nothing is more disheartening than looking at your life and wondering "what happened!?"

Don't get me wrong. I love so many aspects of my life. My husband and my daughter are at the top of that list! I wouldn't change that part for anything. But I remember being interesting, caring about myself, wanting to learn, be more. Somewhere along the way I forgot how to be fun....forgot to continue learning...forgot to strive for more....and I just settled.

As my daughter approaches the most difficult time in a person's life - Jr. High, she will be questioning who she is, where is her life headed and what are her beliefs...her desires....her dreams. Scarey thing is I think that at 40, I am experiencing the same growing pains...LOL

It is time to re-evalute me. What are my dreams! What do I want out of my life! Who do I want to be when I "grow-up"....or do I want to "grow up"

Any suggestions...?

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Cathy said...

Yes! I have a suggestion! LOL Start small. I started by making sure I brush my teeth before I go to bed, not just going to bed! Sounds silly, but it's a start. I used to just go to bed and brush my teeth when I got up. Well guess what, my husband sleeps a little closer and I've been getting an extra kiss from him. Sooooooo, something that seemed so silly, is actually making a huge difference. You can do this Jamie, I know you can, start small!