Tuesday, February 20, 2007

If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path

My grandmother was an only child of poor farmers. They lived with very little but had lots of love. When she was in her early teens, it was decided to sell the family farm and move. She and her mother went to live with relatives in Kimberly, British Columbia, while her father travelled to around Calgary, Alberta to purchae another farm. That was the last she ever saw or heard from her father!

It was her one great heartache of life - never knowing what happened to this man. This happened at the beginning of the Depression and she was required to quite school and go work as home help just to help her mother make ends meet. To many this may not be much however, my grandmother had a great talent. She could look at a dress and make an exact copy with no pattern but what she saw in her mind. Her plan had been to be a designer but this would never happen.

I was always amazed at how she could make something good out of any bad situation. This was not her last sorrow in life but she never let it get her down.

She generously opened her home to me as an infant and I never went without, even though often she did. Hardships to her always had silver linings and there was always someone worse off than her who could use her help. She always had an extra plate at the table, coat to give or shoulder to help carry the burden.

Grandma Sarah always reminded me that it was my duty to help others. She actually was the first person who ever told me to pay it forward. Whenever she helped someone she never wanted anything in return. Her words were always.."help the next person who needs it. That is all I want."

Those words ring in my ears as true today as they did back when she was saying them.
As I was browsing my weekly blog reading I came across one that told me about Project Compassion

This is a group that was formed to help others in need. The first project for this group was to help 2 members of a family who lost 3 others in a terrible vehicle accident on December 23. It was decided that a blanket was to be created for each of the surviving members.

To know more about this family read

The project sound just like something my grandmother would of supported and encouraged. So I rummaged through my yarn drawer and found a dusty pink just waiting. Why was this the one? It was my grandmother's favorite color - it was just destined to be. I made four squares and shipped them off to be lovingly stitched together with others to wrap this family in the warmth compassion of others.

So if you are looking for something to make your knitting extra special drop by Project Compassion and help out in their next endeavor.


Christine said...

Jamie, this is just a beautiful story - you are a very good writer. I wish I could have known your grandma!!

R a i n said...

Your grandma sounds like an amazing woman. You are very lucky to have had the pleasure of knowing someone so wonderful.