Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So far behind......

I think I'm catching up.

Have you ever had one of those months where you are doing lots but it appears as if nothing is ever accomplished. Sigh!! That has been my life lately. I have every intention of blogging. Putting up pictures. Having witty things to say. And what happens. NOTHING!!!

Who enjoys presents??? I do! I do!
I admit it shamelessly. I love to be spoiled. The wonder and the surprize of packages that are unopened. It makes me feel like a kid again...all the awe and amazement of it all.

This is one reason I love swaps. Oh don't get me wrong. I love to spoil others too. But who doesn't like to go to the mailbox and have something inside waiting to be opened.

Boo-ty Swap was my latest to arrive. I am late posting here...but as a good spoilee I notified my spoiler of its arrival and my great pleasure (late of course...LOL)

Lissa was very generous and took time to get to know me and my many likes.

In my box of surprizes I had two balls of wool, a book of puns, earrings, cake topper decorations, a tablecloth/napkin with a Halloween theme and my absolute all time without a doubt favorite

This angel windchime is just breathtaking. I am a HUGE angel collector and this one just fits into my collection so nicely.

Thank you so much Lissa for all the presents you sent my way.

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Lissa said...

I am so happy you enjoyed the wind chime. I too am a collector of Angels, and as a fellow collector I felt I could probably find something you would enjoy! Your past surveys and clues were a great indicator of the direction I should go in. You were great to shop for.