Friday, June 23, 2006

Peeping Friday

Well the day is fast approaching...
What day you ask? Moving day of course. House is piled high with boxes.

Fridge is getting more bare by the minute. I have a large assortment of items for the Canadian Diabetes Association They take small household items like dishes, linens and knick knacks and sell them to a local thrift store for money for their cause. Also have junk guys showing up any minute to take away all the stuff that can't be reused.

Moving is definitely a way to clean house...LOL
And I am saying that in the new house everything will have a home. Sure hope I can stay true to my plan.

Even our inquistive kitty is helping by packing herself...LOL

However I cannot say the same for our little ray of sunshine.
She is getting tired of the process. Always asking "how many more days?"
Her treasures are disappearing daily. Her playdates are dwindling as I don't want kids over and her precious trampoline is being dismantled by the end of the weekend.
Moving is NO FUN in her opinion!

I am sure the smile will return once the day is over and she starts feeling at home in the new place.
5 days left....but who's counting? ;-)


Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Your kitty is GORGEOUS! What is her/his name??? Cats and boxes just seem to go together...Ive never had a cat that didn't love climbing in and out of boxes. To them packing is FUN, I wish it was for humans eh????

Congrats on the new house, happy packing and weekend, G

Zee said...

Hope the move goes well, Jamie!

Geraldine said...

So, how did the move go??? Are you still drowning in boxes? It will get better. Ive moved a gazillion times in my life, have become something of a reluctant expert on the subject of do's and don'ts ....I dont want to move too many more times, thats for sure. Only upside, get rid of a bunch of junk!!! Huggs, G