Thursday, August 25, 2005

The old saying goes....

Pride goeth before a fall...LOL
And so it seems to be true!
Today I decided to get my act together and paint the furniture I had promised to finish for my daughter. The day was going well...primer done...coat one done....coat two I went to check my e-mail thinking to myself what a great job I was doing

BUT when I returned I found Kitty footprints on the top of the furniture which led down to the coach and proceded onto the hardwood and towards the stairs. Either the paint had dried by the time she met the carpet or she took a detour to the basement. Not sure yet..LOL

Easier to laugh now then I was scrubbing and repainting.

So my cat now has purple feet...isn't she fancy!!!


Claudia said...

I am sitting here snickering, love the purple feet. lol
I am glad you got it all out.

Emily said...

Jamie that is too funny! I might have been tempted to leave just a few of those little foot prints on the furniture for fun.

Does the paint on the feet bother kitty at all?