Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year......A New Beginning!

With 2010 fastly approaching all I could think about was what it all meant.  A new year!  A new beginning!  A fresh start!  A blank page!  Starting over! Making improvements!  Revising past mistakes!  These are all positive ways of viewing a new year.  With that mentality we make lists upon lists of things we want to change and we make resolutions that many of us have full intentions of keeping.  But as the days, weeks and even months flow past, we fall back into those past habits that didn't serve us very well in the past year or years. 

Does our enthusiasm for change and a fresh start overtake us with such vigor that we set ourselves up for failure before we even have begun.  I know only from my own personal experience that these words are so true.  I make HUGE lists of changes.  I want to lose weight...and not just 5 or 10 lbs but I set myself up to lose 40 - 50 lbs in 4 months.  I plan on eating better.  But in that quest to make healthy meals I forget that I am a creature of habit and love my junk food.  Deprivation from that vise completely is never a good thing for me.  I plan on improving myself by reading self-help and self-improvement books, but my list is so large that I might finish 3 books before I crave some "fluff" to indulge in.  I plan on....I plan on....I plan on. 

My intensions are always good but in the back of my mind I have already seen myself fail and so I think a part of me already has decided what the future will bring.  Disappointment in failing to meet my ideal goals, turns me to food, which in turn makes me depressed, which in turn has me sitting on the couch feeding my face and not accomplishing anything.  It is a vicious cycle!

So this year I have decided I have one and only one resolution...and that is to just enjoy life and write atleast once weekly in my personal blog .  If I lose weight....great!  If I read a self-improving or enlightening book...awesome!  If I try a new experience....terrific!  But if I just accomplish that one resolution of being the person I already am and being happy with the direction I am heading then 2010 will be a complete success!

Here is to a new year...a new beginning....a new (relaxed) me :-)

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