Friday, November 09, 2007

Thanks Talia

Last Friday I got a notice in the mail that a package was at the office. Giddy with excitement I just knew it had to be my KTS4 package. I was not disappointed!

I ripped open the box and found it swimming with treasures. A beautiful table scarf, candies, tea, scented lotion and yummy wool. The flavors were heaven the colors were right on the much so...the rust Silky wool I already have in my stash waiting to become "Sizzle". LOL Goes to show how much . Talia was able to channel my inner self. Now I have an extra ball to play with.

A public thank you I am adding to the private one I have already sent. The Knitters Tea Swap has been a repeat success for me. I have participated in the last 3 swaps and been blessed each time with great partners.

What could be better??? Meeting new people and combining two of my favorite things....tea and wool ;-)

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Claudia said...

thanks for the comment in my blog, I need to blog more and keep reading your blog as well.